School ID Cards

Welcome to our School ID Cards category, where we offer a stress-free solution for designing and printing professional-looking ID cards for your school. Our printed ID cards are an excellent way to enhance your school’s security and make sure only authorized individuals have access to your premises.

We provide both standard School ID Cards and those with a photo for added security. Additionally, we offer flexible prepayment packages for your convenience, which include options for just the cards or a complete package with holders and lanyards.

Our School ID Pre-Pay Saver Packages offer exceptional value for money, with savings of up to 65% on our regular prices. Choose from four packages, each including cards, holders, and lanyards, with the option for bespoke lanyards that match your school’s branding.

Order your School ID Cards today and rest easy knowing that your school is secure. Our expert team will design and print your cards with the utmost care and attention to detail.