Data Protection Policy

The Edge, from time to time, needs to collect and use personal data on its employees and also receives personal data from customers in order to conduct the Company’s day to day business and to supply products and services. We appreciate that this data can be both personal and sensitive and use of it needs to be controlled in a proper and legal manner. With regard to data supplied for bureau production purposes, this data is controlled by the client and processed by the edge on the client’s behalf.

We are committed to adhering to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 which was introduced to provide safeguards to avoid inappropriate use of personal data. All  personal data collected and supplied, whether it is held on hard or soft copy will be subject to this policy. All employees are to be made fully aware of the policy and their duties and responsibilities resulting from it.

There are eight principles which we acknowledge, accept and adhere to….

Data must be

1)      Fairly and lawfully processed.

2)     Processed purely for the purpose for which it was supplied or collected and not used in any other way which could be inappropriate

3)       Adequate, relevant and not excessive

4)    Kept only for as long as is absolutely necessary and then deleted completely

5)     Processed in accordance with the rights of the relevant person whose data it is

6)     Kept in a secure location to avoid third parties having access to it

7)     Accurate and kept up to date

8)     Not sent or transferred to a country which does not have adequate or similar data protection legislation.

Further  information on the Data Protection Act is  available at the Government website:

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